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  • The Current Market

    If everything I’m reading these days sounds something like “housing hasn’t hit bottom..,” or something like “housing prices are plummeting..,”

  • Who You Know Votes Where

    Skeleton of nonpareils by artist, Heather Cox Today I took a break from work to pop into one of the artist studios participating in A.G.A.S.T., Annual Gowanus Artists Studio Tour. It’s great, it’s one of a kind, and I highly recommend… Read More ›

  • Nothing Happened

    Police get ready to leave after it was determined that the corner of Carroll and 7th Avenue was safe for pedestrians. Strange happenings on Carroll Street between 7th and 8th Avenues today.  First, residents woke up to their block lined… Read More ›

  • The Secret

    Fig 1-5, An unidentified broker documents his time at a recent open house. Pssssst. Hey you. Yeah you: Mr. Buyer. Want to know a secret? Come over here. A little closer. Closer. Clooooser. Now listen carefully. We are not very… Read More ›

  • E. 17th Street

    Yesterday, I arrived early for an appointment and so decided to take a stroll down E. 17th Street. This neighborhood was once known as Flatbush and is now called Ditmas Park. It was such a nice walk that I had… Read More ›

  • What Happens Now?

    Often after someone has either made or accepted an offer, I’m asked, “what happens now?” Below is a chronological list of how things should proceed after an Accepted Offer.   Pick an attorney.  It’s pretty tough, in New York, to complete… Read More ›

  • Take Five

    The author demonstrates the Take Five method People often solicit my opinion about a given neighborhood. “Is it safe?”,they ask. “How is the area? What are the locals like?”, etcetera, etcetera,… I flat out try to evade these questions and… Read More ›

  • Lawyer Up

    Fiduciary Responsibility

    (Let it be known that I type this post, whilst an 11 lb baby boy sleeps in a sling around my neck). In my line of work, there is plenty of ambiguity. I’m often not sure how to get the… Read More ›

  • I’ve been away

    Hi. I have neglected this site for some time now.  At the risk of sounding a bit sentimental I want to say I have a good excuse. My wife Julia and I had a son and we couldn’t be happier. Nathan J.P. Winters (aka Nathan… Read More ›

  • I work for you (but I don’t work for you)

    Let’s get something straight – you and me. I work for you. I am contractually obligated and have a fiduciary responsibility to you. Just you. I promise to always have your best interest at heart. I am your agent and… Read More ›