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Condo Versus Co-op

The rules for dinner conversation, as stated by many of Brooklyn’s esteemed successfulites are, 1) Never discuss religion; 2) Never discuss politics; and 3) Never discuss condo versus co-op. In light of this very wise counsel, I ask that you not… Read More ›

The Co-op Interview

Congratulations. You’ve had your co-op application scrutinized by a broker, repackaged by the managing agent, reviewed by the board, and have finally been asked in for an interview.  You are 75% of the way home. Most boards won’t waste their time… Read More ›

Homebuyer Tax Credit

As if tax season weren’t stressful enough, prospective home buyers have two more looming deadlines to contend with. Both are related to the federal government’s homebuyer tax credit.

The Secret

Fig 1-5, An unidentified broker documents his time at a recent open house. Pssssst. Hey you. Yeah you: Mr. Buyer. Want to know a secret? Come over here. A little closer. Closer. Clooooser. Now listen carefully. We are not very… Read More ›

What Happens Now?

Often after someone has either made or accepted an offer, I’m asked, “what happens now?” Below is a chronological list of how things should proceed after an Accepted Offer.   Pick an attorney.  It’s pretty tough, in New York, to complete… Read More ›

Take Five

The author demonstrates the Take Five method People often solicit my opinion about a given neighborhood. “Is it safe?”,they ask. “How is the area? What are the locals like?”, etcetera, etcetera,… I flat out try to evade these questions and… Read More ›

Lawyer Up

(Let it be known that I type this post, whilst an 11 lb baby boy sleeps in a sling around my neck). In my line of work, there is plenty of ambiguity. I’m often not sure how to get the… Read More ›