Blue Bloods

One more parking complaint to add to my very long list: Filming!

Note the Double-Speak use of the word, No Parking on Lincoln Place in Crown Heights

This morning my block, here in Crown Heights, was closed to parking by the NYPD so they could film an episode of Blue Bloods ( . To add insult to injury, they weren’t even filming on our beautiful block, they were simply using it as a trailer park.  The actual filming took place around the corner in front of (Banco) Popular (No me puedo imaginar lo que el episodio es sobre) on Nostrand and Eastern Parkway – GMAP:

And to rub a little more salt in the wound, according to the owner, none of the crew – actors, extras, directors, gaffers, etc. – had the sense to purchase a local sandwich at Syds Serious Sandwhich shop – .


Extras for Blue Bloods wait outside an equipment truck.

Author: Jim Winters

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