We mortals have been working for a long time.  Long before we became humans or even mammals. It is many a wise person’s belief that, right up there with food, water, clothing, shelter, and air, is work!  Earning a little coin forges pride and achievement, allows us to take care of ourselves and others, and provides much needed social contact … Continue reading “Work!”

“On Edge”

Three weeks ago, my son Nate, said he was “sick of hearing about the coronavirus.” “It’s alright Nate, everyone’s a little on edge about it,” I tried. “I’m not on edge!! I’m just sick of it! That’s all you ever hear about. Everyone’s talking about it. Why can’t we talk about something else? Coronavirus! Coronavirus! Coronavirus! I’m sick of hearing … Continue reading ““On Edge””

Thoughts On Time

I remember a warm summer night in my long ago neighborhood on Long Island. My younger brother and I asked to go swimming after dinner but my mother had us wait half an hour to avoid getting cramps (a common myth in the 60s). Not knowing how to tell time, I asked how long a half hour was. My mother … Continue reading “Thoughts On Time”


NOVEMBER MUSING – Respect. A few months ago my eleven year old son asked me if I knew that he now cursed at school with his friends? I did. Was I OK with it? I wasn’t. Was I going to do anything about it? I said we could talk about it. And for the next 15 minutes we calmly listened … Continue reading “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”

Luck (Fortune)

OCTOBER MUSING – Luck (Fortune). Yesterday I wore my favorite blue suede shoes (yes, I have more than one pair!). They’re my favorite because they’re lucky! At least, that is what I tell myself. My childhood was full of pessimism and as I adjusted to adulthood (my wife maintains that I’m still adjusting), I dealt with that pessimism by challenging … Continue reading “Luck (Fortune)”

Three Tips for Creating a More Together Block

I’m the first to admit, I’ve bragged about my particular block in Crown Heights before. We are a super friendly bunch – very cohesive, very welcoming, very green ( :-)! While I’m not an expert, I have three easy suggestions of things you can do right now to create community on your block: 1. Say “Good Morning!” “Good afternoon,” “Nice … Continue reading “Three Tips for Creating a More Together Block”

Uber vs Lyft Throw Down

Recently, while pretending to be a young, fit 30 year old, I injured my right heel playing an intense game of indoor soccer. This left me unable to walk very far so I began using Lyft to get around. It didn’t take long before I noticed how Lyft’s actual wait times always felt lengthier than the estimated wait. Was it … Continue reading “Uber vs Lyft Throw Down”

My Block

I love my block. The first person I ran across this morning was Lola. Two-year-old Lola was sitting with her mother who is pregnant with Lola’s sister. Lola always greets me with new information. This morning it was that her shoes were red and the bag of clementines she was holding had stickers. After absorbing said information and a few … Continue reading “My Block”


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