My Block

I love my block. The first person I ran across this morning was Lola. Two-year-old Lola was sitting with her mother who is pregnant with Lola’s sister. Lola always greets me with new information. This morning it was that her shoes were red and the bag of clementines she was holding had stickers.

After absorbing said information and a few other tidbits, I walked to the corner with passerby and neighbor, Michael. Michael and I encountered Lou and his dog, Pegs. A number of pleasantries later and I continued on to my local, Lula Bagel. The iced coffee was already poured when I realized I was 50 cents short. The barista, Izzie, joked, “For you Jim, coffee is $3.50 today. Besides, I know where you live.” I happen to live next door to the owner of Lula Bagel – lucky me!

Sitting on the bench in front was Zayle and her dog, Puff. I couldn’t pass without giving Puff a pet. Zayle and I chatted about nothing in particular and regarded Nostrand Avenue as it passed us by.

Eventually, I trekked the single block to the 3-train and headed to my office in Park Slope.

I didn’t mention that my block also has beautiful row houses, an extra wide street, lots of trees, and many other features that Brooklynites tout as their reason for living here. But I love my block, most of all, for the people.

The only complaint I have about my block is that with all the chatting, it takes me forever to get to work:-)

Author: Jim Winters

Hi! I love feedback and helping, so please chime in. I'll always respond to comments, emails, and shouts in my direction on the 3 train 😊. I am, among other things, a passionate Brooklynite, a family man, and a (semi-) retired real estate broker.

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